How to turn an ordinary person into a Banderivets*

April 24, 2014

Boris Bitner, Live Journal

banderivets3Take a tolerant Russian-speaking Ukrainian and subject him to the following manipulations:

Break agreements signed with his country and support a criminal regime; give refuge to the leader of this regime who is guilty of embezzlement; turn TV channels that are being watched by half of Ukraine into a platform for slander, hate speech and deception; call Ukraine a quasi-state and its government a junta; spread lies that Russian-speaking Ukrainians are being abused because of their language; seize a piece of Ukraine’s territory; embark on a dirty propaganda war against his country; support the separatists who wish to split the state; unleash a gang of lying Internet trolls and propagandists; snub the international community and collective security…

Thus, the negative connotation of the notion ‘banderivets’ which used to mean a thug, a killer and an enemy of the Soviet regime, the connotation that was systematically inculcated throughout the postwar period, now easily transforms into a positive one – a partisan, a fighter for independence, a freedom-loving person struggling against the Soviet authorities. Interestingly, the concept of the ‘Soviet power’ has undergone no change. It has not gone down the drain, it is still etched in minds of the people.

Dear Comrade Putin! Dear Soviet citizens of Russia who turned out to be a great many!

Thank you for inducing me and others like me to learn the [Ukrainian] anthem, to install the flag on my car, to start respecting the language, to reevaluate certain historical facts! There is no greater motivation to love our Motherland than the external threat, the disrespect for the people of the country of 46 million and the uncontrollable megalomania of the inadequate neighbor.

Thank you for helping us make up our minds about the direction of our country’s development and understand who is our friend and who is our enemy.

Better late than never.

Do not worry, we are going to be fine. The only thing that matters is that you do not go saving anybody here or, God forbid, come to defend us.

We wish you well. We promise not to interfere in your affairs, not to claim back Krasnodar and Stavropol regions.)))

We will live peacefully and happily, but let us do it separately from each other.

We will move towards the EU and USA, we will cooperate with NATO, all in all, we are going to integrate into a society that overcame fascism and tolerates gays. And you will ravel in your own spiritual convulsions, intolerance and nazi-saluting homophobes.

You have managed the impossible: until now we were a population, now we grew to be a nation.

Thank you for your help.


*Designation ‘Banderivets’ refers to a follower or sympathizer of Stepan Bandera, the leader of WWII anti-Soviet nationalistic insurgency in Western Ukraine (ed.)

Translation by Tatiana Kononenko, edited by Mariana Budjeryn


Slovyansk under siege. A few hours in the besieged city

This article was written by blogger Denis Kazanskiy for “Ostrov” a few days before the shootings in Slovyansk.

slovyansk 1A boring provincial town of Slovyansk where nothing ever happens suddenly made it to every newscast around the world. The reason for this is not its shabby resorts or any scientific breakthroughs. Slovyansk made headlines due to its seizure by the terrorists and the ensuing mass disorders.

The map with the burning red point can be seen on every TV screen in every corner of the globe. Foreign journalists have finally managed to pronounce “Slovyansk” which was a tall order just a few days before. The most experienced of them, those who covered warfare elsewhere, say it looks like Chechnya, that’s how things started there. Continue reading

April 17 in Ukraine: Summary

I thought we finally need a positive picture amid all the dismal events.

So, what has April 17 brought us?

  1. 3 dead, 13 wounded, and more than 60 captured separatists in Mariupol.
  2. $5 million cash from the bags of traffickers detained on a Donbas-bound Crimea train.
  3. 1 ‘little green man’ turned in to the authorities in exchange for $10K.
  4. Several thousand participant strong rallies for united Ukraine and against the Russian invasion in Donetsk and Kramatorsk.
  5. The Radiant Putin’s conversation with his cronies disclosing how the NATO suppresses Dima Kiselev; that Lukyanenko is able to publish his books again; that Iraq has its problems; that the Crimean ‘little green men’ have been Russian all along; and that half of Ukraine’s territory is some sort of the New Russia received as a gift from the Bolsheviks (at this point, I really wanted to smack that Botox rat, but, alas, that was unrealistic.)
  6. Verkhovna Rada approved creation of independent Public Television and Public Radio.
  7. Cowards who surrendered their weapons outside of Kramatorsk and Slaviansk yesterday in exchange for whoosafudge will be charged and tried, while the squad of so-called “commandos” from Dnipropetrovsk that pulled off that shameful act will be disbanded.
  8. The soldiers in Mariupol who stood their ground at the military base are going to receive a bonus of UAH 500K.
  9. There will be no targets for tax inspectors to meet anymore. That means, any ‘collection visits’ become illegal from now on.
  10. The punishment for separatism and seizure of government buildings will now range from 5-8 years to life in prison, depending on circumstances and presence/absence of casualties.
  11. The European Parliament has voted for the right of Ukraine to submit an application for its full-fledged EU membership following its association.
  12. Bulgaria has dismantled the South Stream pipelines, while the European Parliament has voted to terminate this project and roll back the program of Russian gas consumption.
  13. The border with Russia and Crimea will be under strict control targeting in particular, the entry into Ukraine of men aged 16 to 60 with unclear intentions.
  14. Pavel Durov has confirmed that he refused to turn in the information on members, administrators, and moderators of Euromaidan-related VKontakte social network groups to to the Federal Security Service of Russia, and paid for it by losing his share in the company, and his position.

Any other good news that I may have missed? Feel free to add. 🙂 Glory to Ukraine and those who do not shame it, generally speaking.


15. The Security Service of Ukraine / the Office of the Prosecutor General brought criminal charges against Sberbank of Russia in Ukraine for separatism and terrorism financing.
16. The Office of the Prosecutor General has reported the third count of separatism charges against Oleh Tsariov.
17. The Geneva Statement has been adopted, and it makes the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia bite you-know-what instead of ‘federalization’.

Source: Alexander Melnik’s FB post
Translated by Olga Ruda
Edited and UPD translated by Inga Kononenko

Inside Slov’ians’k – April 13, 2014



Facebook Status Update by Ukrainian Activist Zorian Shkyriak (Translated by William Risch)

We got out of Slov’ians’k.  Brief description.  It’s murky.  The atmosphere in town is like a movie about World War II.  I can tell you with full certainty that a special operation by the Main Intelligence Operations (GRU, affiliated with the Russian Army – translator) took place there.  Separatists had blocked off the city from all sides.  The local authorities are saboteurs, traitors, and criminals’ henchmen.  There are  two echelons at the separatists’ block posts.  The first one is made up of elderly people, women with icons, etc.  Behind them are out-and-out hoods, wearing helmets, holding bats and pistols.  It’s awful to say this, but a lot of them are simply people poisoned by Russian propaganda.  There are drunks and completely indecent types.  And then a regular army in fact stands in the perimeter behind those block posts and barricades.  “Little green men,” terrorists in infantry camouflage calmly wander around with automatic rifles, grenade launchers, and machineguns.  They are aggressive to the extreme.  They don’t care if it’s women or old people.  They search them and beat them up.  In a word, they’re occupiers and barbarians (I said this live on Espreso TV).  What makes the anti-terrorist operation complicated is that there could be collateral damage.  So not everything looks as simple as it seems.  I could imagine things could be like this, but I never imagined such open displays of fascism and banditry in Ukraine.  So that you understand what’s going on, separatists searched our car six times.  To go through town, we had to hide our vehicles and wear scarves up to our ears and raise up our collars, because we always looked suspicious to the militants… It was something unreal…  On the other hand, we had the opportunity to talk with many residents.  They were terrified, disoriented, but they are against the separatists.  They are against the occupiers.  Thus, let’s not lose hope. We need to work with people.  I’ll tell you straight out, in Kyiv this looks like a “movie,” but when you get here, you understand that this is another reality, a frightening one. Right now we are in Kramotors’k.  We went to get something to eat.  Here, too, GRU agents seized the local police station, the Security Services of Ukraine (SBU), and the town council executive committee, but right now, only the most fanatic town residents and rabble support them, and there aren’t many of them.  Thus, the situation in Kramators’k is much more peaceful, and you don’t feel the state of panic and rushing around that’s in Slov’ians’k.  We’re driving on. I want to go through all of the Donets’k Region, down to Mariupol’ so that I can see and figure out the complete picture of what’s going on here.  But there’s one conclusion I can make without any more doubts – it’s the Kremlin, the Federal Security Services (FSB) of Russia, and the GRU.  Let’s hang on and fight for Ukraine’s unity and harmony!  And there are no doubts that they won’t break us up; we’re going to win!  I will try to provide further information later.