Remember that everyone holds the fate of millions in his hands


Soon we will elect the next president of Ukraine. We have already experienced several similar elections, but this time, after the tragic events on the one hand and the national awakening at Maidan on the other, while standing on the threshold of significant changes in our social life and a real opportunity to live in a normal democratic country, this vote is of particular importance for our nation.

From the history of many nations over the centuries, we know how important a person leader is, regardless of what we may call him: emperor, king, prince, hetman, president, secretary general.

A good leader, sincerely devoted to his people and truly wishing them well, is a great joy for the people. A bad leader, focused not on the common good but on other things, can be said to be a curse on the people. Continue reading

Why did Putin defer the separatist “referendum”?

1395936165_putin_373x300Putin’s call to postpone the separatist referendum until a later date is a tactic to legalize the division of Ukraine on the day of the presidential elections.

Putin’s appeal to the separatists has as its goal the legalization of the referendum on the independence of the Donetsk and Luhansk “People’s Republics” by holding it on the same day as the presidential elections in Ukraine on May 25. Continue reading