Heroic Ukrainian female officer taken hostage by the terrorists “blew up” social media.

Social media users are calling to rescue Ukrainian officer Nadiya Savchenko, who has been taken hostage by Donbas terrorists.

For this all those impartial are being asked to post the photograph of the aviator, who has already been dubbed “G.I. Jane,” or publicly demonstrate support. “All you have to do is post her photo with the hashtag #SaveOurGirl on social networks or publicly show your support,” Twitter users write.

Earlier, a video has been shared on the web in which the hostage is being questioned by terrorists. Despite the accusatory tone of the questions and her essential helplessness, the pilot is holding up with dignity.

Nadiya survived Iraq and is a merited professional in the Ukrainian army with over 10 years’ experience. During the questioning it was discovered that the woman had been captured during an attempt to rescue wounded Ukrainian soldiers: “I was going after our wounded. Two of our armoured carriers were shot in the village of Metalist and I came for the wounded.”

Nadiya Savchenko has no illusions as to the intentions of the criminals. When a bandit (as is concluded from the context – of Russian nationality) asked her the question: “If you are freed, will you return here with weapons?”, she answered: “I will not be freed, I will be killed. You Russian government will kill me on accusations that they ascribe.”

We remind you that Putin’s propaganda, in its usual manner, called Nadiya – senior lieutenant, navigator-operator of a Ukrainian Armed Forces helicopter, “a sniper involved in the murder of Russian journalists.”

The group “InfoResist” shared a video report of Military TV of Ukraine about the hero dated back in 2011.

Source: Channel 5

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina


What Is the Israeli Compression Bandage And Why You Should Send One To Ukraine’s Troops

The Israeli Compression Bandage saves time in an emergency situation where every second is crucial.  It combines the functions of numerous separate pieces of equipment into a single easy-to-use unit. The application is simple and quick.The bandage performs multiple functions, and therefore enhances the treatment provided.

The Israeli Compression Bandage provides injury victims acting alone the ability to accomplish the entire bandaging operation independently, including, in certain cases, tourniquet application, even if using only one hand.

It consolidates numerous treatment equipment into a single unit and provide in one device: Continue reading

In Moscow a Participant of a One-Man Protest Against Putin’s Policy Regarding Ukraine Was Beaten


A Russian citizen who participated in a one-man protest against the policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine was beaten near the Ukrainian embassy in Moscow.

The man stood by the embassy with a plate that stated “Brotherly Ukraine! Forgive us for Putin. Forgive our fooled nation. Accept our condolences.”  The proclamation was signed “Sergeev family and true citizens of Russia.”

According to “Ukrinform,” an unknown young man who walked past the protester had attempted to tear the proclamation plate from his hands. The protester has fallen down on the ground and ended up with a head injury. The attacker was detained by police, and along with victim was taken to a local police office.

In addition, five people were detained by the Ukrainian Embassy on Sunday, June 15. They had placed flowers nearby the diplomatic mission building to show their mourning for deceased Ukrainian soldiers. Continue reading

Luhansk Airplane Downing Could Have Resulted in 200 Deaths

Photo: Inforesist

During the night of June 13, three airplanes should have landed in the Luhansk airport. The first one landed successfully, the second one was shot down by terrorists, the third one returned to its point of departure, Melitopol, reports LIGABusinessInform. The tragedy resulted in 49 deaths. However, the death toll could have been 200 people. It was only by pure luck that a part of the military servicemen went via Infantry fighting vehicles. MP Mykola Kniazhytskiy wrote this on FB: Continue reading

Activists Drill Water Source for Ukrainian Army Under Sloviansk

The Ukrainian militarymen conducting the Anti-Terrorist Operation under Sloviansk, stationed on Karachun Hill, had a serious problem. They had no water, and every trip to the nearest source endangered them. Activists found a solution – over the course of four days, they drilled a well 120 meters deep, solving the water shortage problem for the fighters of the National Guard and paratroopers stationed on the strategic height of Karachun Hill.

Yuriy Kasianov, an activist, shares detail in FB.

Water at Karachun Hill

We were told it’s impossible, that there was no water there for decades. Noone wanted to go there to drill, because there’s shooting and bombing there. But we took a risk anyway… We found some insanely brave guys – the Kharkiv company “Aquatorium” and went uphill escorted by courageous paratroopers of the 95th brigade. Continue reading

Open Letter To Secretary Hagel On Military Assistance To Ukraine


June 13, 2014
The Honorable Chuck Hagel
Secretary of Defense
Department of Defense
1400 Defense Pentagon
Washington, DC 20301-1400

Dear Secretary Hagel:

Several friends of mine who are American veterans of Ukrainian ethnic background have suggested that I write to you about tangible non lethal U.S. military assistance to Ukraine. As you know Ukraine had been decimated militarily, initially because of economic woes, corruption, neglect and more deliberately since 2010 through the joint efforts of the Kremlin and the Kremlin’s lackey Ukraine’s former president Viktor Yanukovych. The latest efforts were part of a conspiracy to make Ukraine weak and thus susceptible to Russian psychological pressure, intimidation and even physical force.  Continue reading

ATO Forces Destroyed Two Battle Tanks and Three APCs, Special Forces Have Casualties

Liga.Net – June 13, 2014


During combat clashes on June 13, four Ukrainian special forces servicemen were killed in action  and 31 wounded. No data is available on the terrorist’s casualties

There were a number of combat clashes between terrorists and ATO forces in the area of ​​anti-terrorism operation (ATO) last night, Dmitry Tymchuk, the head of the Center for Military-Political Studies, stated on his Facebook page. He states that Ukrainian special forces destroyed two battle tanks which arrived earlier at the disposal of pro-Russian terrorists. ATO forces have also destroyed three armored personnel carriers, two trucks transporting terrorists and weapon, two vehicles mounted with heavy machine guns Degtyariov-Shpagin (DSHK). Continue reading

English-Ukrainian Translators Needed For Translating Combat Lifesaver Course for Ukrainian Army


We are seeking English-Ukrainian translators willing to participate in translating a combat lifesaver course manual for first aid trainings for the National Guard and Ukrainian Army!

Intensive courses are being held on first aid emergency care during combat and evacuation of wounded soldiers, designed to maximize their chances of survival. The trainings are run by volunteers from the Red Cross and other organizations and aim to provide knowledge on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). The nearest training will be held on June 14-15, 2014 for volunteers from the Donbas battalion, which is part of the 3rd battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine, physicians from the Military Hospital under the Ministry of Defense, and physicians from the Military-Medical department of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). The Ukrainian World Congress has been the chief organizer of these trainings. Continue reading

Help Ukrainian Army: Send First Aid Medicine Kit for Ukrainian Soldiers


Euromaidan activists in Ukraine are finding ways to help the Ukrainian army.

One of the ways to do this is ship a parcel of medical supplies to a recipient in Ukraine that will pass it on to the Ukrainian soldiers in need. The facebook group EuroArmyMaydan is coordinating this process. Due to Ukraine’s customs rules, it is impossible to import them in large quantities and they have to be shipped in small parcels. Anybody that wants to support the Ukrainian army can do so by shipping necessary medical supplies to recipients in Ukraine that will get them to the frontline!

Purchase the following materials via the links and send them to the addresses provided. When you send the parcel make sure that the cost does not exceed 200$ (you can lower it in the declaration) and make sure that they are NOT SPECIFIED AS MEDICAL DEVICES. Continue reading

Army of Suppliers. Who is Helping the Frontline and How

sshot-15 June 2014, by Anastasiya Ringis, Ukrainska Pravda Zhyttya

Many social initiatives that emerged at Maidan are presently successfully supporting the Ukrainian army and the National Guard.

There are dozens, hundreds of such groups, and even thousands if we take the entire country. Ukrainska Pravda Zhyttya had picked several best known initiatives. Through joint efforts of hundreds of volunteers and thousands of sponsors they have provided assistance for the amount of over UAH 13 mln. Continue reading