Ukrainian Army Takes Control Of Election Committees in Luhansk Oblast

The Ukrainian army took control of election committees in Luhansk Oblast. Oleksandr Chernenko, chairman of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine, has written this on his Facebook page.

“Today a military unit took a building where the district election commission #114 is situated in Bilovodsk under their control. Ukrainian election committee observers witnessed this incident. Troops in camouflage and helmets arrived on a truck. The locals somehow confused them with Russian soldiers. The district election commission chairman Volodymyr Nesmeianov told us that the Ukrainian military took the building under their control,” wrote Chernenko on Thursday, May 15.  Continue reading

Nikolay Khoroshkov: Shame On Mariupol

This is a post from Nikolay Khoroshkov’s livejournal. He is a landscape photographer from Mariupol and surely making political news reports is not his main job. However, he decided to write an article on what happened in his home town.

“This post is not about politics but about our society in general. As you know, Mariupol became “famous” May 9th. Many people have seen photos and videos from the place. It is hard to comment what the media tell because they work some political orders and show only their owners’ point of view. Continue reading

A Vinnitsia-born military Petro Kovalenko was killed in clashes with the terrorists near Sloviansk

A Vinnitsia-born military Petro Kovalenko was killed in clashes with the terrorists in Donbas.


The 20 year old man from Rahnivka village, Gaisynsky district, was a squad member of Zhytomyr’s 95th air assault brigade deployed for military operation to the Donetsk region, according to the news portal “Moja Vinnytsia” (My Vinnitsa).

On  May 2, the armed extremists attacked the paratroopers near Sloviansk, says the press service of the Defense Ministry.


Two Ukrainian soldiers were killed as a result of this battle. One of the casualties was Petro Kovalenko. A sniper shot him in the neck, the bullet hit the carotid artery.

In the morning shortly before his death, Petro Kovalenko visited his page in a social network, and in the afternoon, his family learnt about this terrible tragedy. His mother, father, older sister and many friends are in grief…

The funeral was be held on 6 May at 11:00 am in Rahnivka village, Gaisynsky district.

Heroes do not die! Lest we forget!

Source: FB post 

Anti-aircraft defense units  are guarding the airspace over important sites, the Ministry of Defense reports.


In certain areas, soldiers of anti-aircraft missile troops carry out protection of important sites that may become targets of airstrikes, such as troops deployment areas and military installations. This is being reported by InfoResist with a reference to the Ministry of Defense’s Press Service. Continue reading

MoD confirms fewer Russian troops near Ukraine’s borders

downloadTuesday, April, 1, 2014, 14:25

The Ministry of Defense says that the number of Russian troops and equipment along the borders of Ukraine in recent days has become smaller. Deputy Chief of the Armed Forces command center Alexander Rozmaznin stated this at a briefing, Ukrainski Novyny reports.

“The situation on the eastern borders with the neighboring country has stabilized … The number of troops has reduced … And it is calmer there,” he said. At the same time, the official emphasized that there are still over 10,000 Russian soldiers on the Ukrainian border. Continue reading

Cowgirl battalion will protect Ukraine from Russian invasion – MUSIC VIDEO with English subs

The Ukrainian music group “Lisapetniy battalion” has filmed a new clip to the music of Natalia Falion – “Come on, you old broads”. In the video the “battalion” members are ready to protect the country in case of war with Russia.


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Ukroboronprom blocks arms supplies to Russia

Saturday, March, 29, 2014, 14:08

The State concern Ukroboronprom ceased delivery of weapons and military equipment to the Russian Federation, wrote CEO of the concern, Yuriy Tereshchenko, in an article for ZN.UA. “The question of militarytechnical cooperation with Russia must be answered. For obvious reasons,we are already not supplying Russia with weapons and military equipment. Our relationship will remain frozen until the conflict de-escalates. Yes, we will bear economic losses but is it wise to arm the army of the enemy?” writes Tereshchenko.

” I am confident that our relationship with Russia, including economic and military technical cooperation, deserves consideration and action at the highest state level, the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine,” he said. There was a scandal on March 13: it turned out that despite the overt aggression of Russia, the newly appointed head of the Ukroboronprom, Valentyna Drozd, continued to supply military equipment. Continue reading

Russian “blitzkrieg” from North and East-North, U.S. intel on Ukraine is lagging behind

by Vitalii Usenko, based on recent news reports

Russian forces keep on coming to Ukrainian borders and now not only the Crimean peninsula but also Northern and Eastern parts of Ukraine are endangered of the future possible attacks from the Russian side.

A new classified intelligence assessment concludes it is more likely than previously thought that Russian forces will enter eastern Ukraine, CNN has learned. But it is so? Isn’t this just a diversion to hide the area of main assault? This comes to mind taking into consideration recent developments and the Russian troops building up alongside the northern and north-eastern borders of Ukraine.  Continue reading



Oksana Chelysheva1978794_735547346465614_549977236_n

Colonel Yuliy Mamchur, Commander of Ukraine’s 204th Tactical Aviation Brigade stationed near Sevastopol, came to the world’s attention in the beginning of March this year.

After the Russian special task troops offered an ultimatum to surrender, Colonel Mamchur ordered his officers into formation and headed the column towards the Russian checkpoint. It happened on March 4th. The brigade’s two banners, one Soviet the other Ukrainian, were waving behind Col Mamchur who led the column. None of the Ukrainian officers was armed. Col Mamchur had followed the order they had received from the new government in Kyiv to not offer resistance in order to avoid provocations. The Soviet relic was of special significance to Col Mamchur, as it was the banner the aviation brigade has kept since the time of the World War II. Nevertheless, the first shots were fired by Russian troopers. They were fired into the air indenting to stop the marching column. But the pilots followed only Col. Mamchur’s commands who continued his “psychological attack”. The column stopped only when Col Mamchur gave the order. They were a few steps away from the Russian heavily armed troopers. 

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Rada appoints Mykhailo Koval as Acting Minister of Defense

ковальTuesday, March, 25, 2014, 21:22

Verkhovna Rada appointed Mykhailo Koval as an acting Minister of Defense. 251 MPs voted for Decree, number 4343, which was proposed by Acting President Oleksander Turchinov. After his appointment Koval thanked outgoing minister Tenyukh. “I believe in the Armed Forced of Ukraine,”stated the newly appointed the head of the defense ministry.

Mykhailo Koval was born in Izyaslav, Khmelnitskiy Oblast in 1956. He graduated from Kamyanets-Podilskiy Specialized Military and Engineering Command College.

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