Putin is unable to destroy Ukrainian-ness, he only enforced it

Nazariy Zanoz

Throughout almost the entirety of the 23 years of independence, the Ukrainians have been constantly repeating mantra-like similar messages, which all come down to the following: in this time nothing has been done essentially for Ukrainity to not only develop, but survive; that there is no national idea; and Russia is advancing on all fronts: linguistic, cultural, economical, and now military and so forth. All of these opinions make one think that the Ukrainian identity is incredibly weak and helpless and will not survive without others’ help.  Continue reading


How Ukrainian Politicians Speak English (Video)

Today Ukrainians have a dignified “face” – the President, the Head of Government, Ministers, the Head of the Capital City… all of them speak English and other foreign languages. In comparison with the previous government, some representatives of which had difficulties learning even the state Ukrainian language, the current one, “in the language issue,” evokes awe and respect in Ukraine and outside of the country.

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Ukrainian Vs Russian: The Ban That Never Was

ukrainian-language-300x199Oleksiy Stolyarenko, a lawyer, offers some insights into the Ukrainian language law and why it has been so misunderstood. Opinions aside, Stolyarenko lays out what is actually written in Ukrainian law.

One of the first ‘scandals’ that beset Kyiv after the dust had settled from the departure of Viktor Yanukovych was with regard to what has widely been called a ‘ban on the Russian language.’ Opinions on this supposed ‘ban’ have been many and loud, but most of the people who have raised the language issue not only are not legal specialists, they have not even read the actual laws involved. Continue reading

Language and Patriotism in Ukraine

Russian-speaking Ukrainian nationalists arrive at their beliefs despite their environment not because of it.

How can you be a Ukrainian patriot, praise the UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army), insist on the complete separation and independence from Russia and still speak Russian? This is hypocrisy!

– 78

– What is 78?

– 78% of Irish people speak English but that does not prevent them from blowing up British armored vehicles.

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