The First Ladies of Ukraine: from Antonina to Maryna (Photo)

After Petro Poroshenko’s sure victory already in the first round of the presidential race, the attention of the Ukrainian society turned out to be drawn not only to the new head of state, but to his wife as well. Maryna Poroshenko’s appearance and image are being studied by journalists as if under a microscope. “Fakty” decided to remember what all wives of Ukrainian Presidents looked like and what they have been remembered for.

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Poroshenko Prohibited Putin To Call Yanukovych Legitimate

May 27th, 2014 

The Russian President was denied the right to interpret the Constitution of Ukraine. 

The winner of the presidential elections in Ukraine Petro Poroshenko thinks that the Russian President Vladimir Putin has no right to call Victor Yanukovych the acting President of Ukraine citing the Ukrainian Constitution.

He said this in a conversation with a correspondent of the Russian “Kommersant” Andrey Kolesnikov.

To the remark that Putin has said numerous times that there are no formal grounds to consider Yanukovych an illegitimate President, Poroshenko replied: “This is the opinion of citizen Putin.”

“If someone thinks that there is something wrong in the country, let the go to the Constitutional Court. Citizen Yanukovych can file a plaint to the Constitutional Court with the appeal to the decision of the Higher Court regarding his deposition, and the decision of the Constitutional Court will be final and not subject to appeals,” he added.

At the journalist’s remark that none of the reasons written down in the Constitution of Ukraine, according to which Yanukovych could have been deposed, were adhered to, Poroshenko said:

“And who gave you the right to interpret my Constitution? You, esteemed Andrey, or you, esteemed Vladimir Vladimirovych, who gave you the right to interpret our Constitution?… Your opinion as a citizen of your country regarding who has to be President here does not interest me, just like a Russian citizen is not interested by the opinions of some Canadian or Austrian or Papua New Guinean citizen. This is not your place,” he concluded.

We remind you that on May 23rd the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin stated that Victor Yanukovych remains the legitimate President of Ukraine.


Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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