In Moscow, people speaking Ukrainian are being beaten

Moscow beatingsSince the beginning of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, attitudes towards Ukrainians in Moscow have worsened markedly, from both policemen and ordinary citizens.

Vladimir, a Ukrainian migrant worker in Moscow, said that in Moscow, a man was talking to his brother on the phone in Ukrainian, when he was approached with a knife and beaten, writes Tizhden.

“They yelled, ‘What, khokhol, got what you wanted?’ ” says Vladimir. He also claims that policemen have started demanding bigger bribes from illegals. “The policemen who knew we were illegals used to get their bribe once a month and then leave. Now, they come a few times a week. One barged in, drunk as a pig, and said that we owe him because we’re Banderites and his grandfather liberated us,” he says. Continue reading

Hatred being incited towards Ukrainians in Russia

Roman Romanenko, a Ukrainian living in Vologda (Russia), has witnessed the following printouts distributed in all the apartments of his house. As a result of Russia’s ceaseless propaganda machine, many Russians believe that Ukrainians are out there to destroy Russia, while Crimea is under Russian occupation.


“A piece of scum from Lviv lives in your building, who supports the West in destroying Ukraine, like it was in Yugoslavia… Syria. What’s next, Russia???? His brother has been on the Maidan for a long time. “Pravy Sector” has declared a war on Russia — its method is a partisan war with the support of armed fighters from the Caucasus. Be careful, the apartment of Ukrainian-Jew Romanenko could become a conspiratorial apartment for the “Ukrainian patriots”!!!!   Continue reading