Who abducted Lutsenko, Verbitskiy and Bulatov?

Death squads covered up by MIA operatives? The events of recent months indicate that a powerful and deeply conspiratorial terrorist organization works in Ukraine, Aleftina Major writes.

Snipers of this organization open fire on a crowd of people, militants kidnap people directly from hospitals, carry out mass arsons of EuroMaidan activists’ cars, buildings, make threats and attack the houses of activists. Special resonance was caused by the attacks on well-known journalist Tetiana Chornovol, abduction and torture of Ihor Lutsenko and Dmytro Bulatov, abduction and murder of Yuriy Verbytskiy, abduction and beating of two Russian reporters Nikita Perfiliev and Anton Zakharov. Currently 36 Euro Maidan activists are missing. According to the statements of opposition leaders, the death squad operation is organized by the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, and the executors are thugs, hired by “alcohol mafia.” We hope that the police and prosecutors will finally give an official response to the allegations of the opposition, since continued silence will only confirm all versions voiced against the leadership of the Ministry of Interior. In the meantime, the information on terrorists comes from unofficial sources in law enforcement agencies. Continue reading