Maidan: a determination to win, not to be defeated, and to be willing to go to the very end

Robert van Voren. February 20, 2014

Protestors periodically shoot fireworks at Berkut

Protestors periodically shoot fireworks at Berkut

Tonight the atmosphere at Maidan was an extraordinary one, very hard to catch in words.

Totally conflicting emotions. The sky filled with smoke from the burning tires, with an orange-yellow glow fluctuating behind the skeletons of the barricades, with every now and then outbursts of sparks resulting from explosions and big bangs of stun grenades that make the ground shake.  Continue reading


The Military Absurd and The Victory of the Spirit: Maidan Transformed from Feb. 18-20

Voices of Ukraine

Self-Defense units Self-Defense units and their “armor”

Svetlana Yakovleva via Facebook
25/02/2014 23:12
Translated by Anna Danilova
Edited by Maria Stanislav
Edits and Visuals by Isis Wisdom

I’m in tears, and I’m proud that Ukraine has such HEROES…
From a post by Dzvinka Kalynets-Mamchuk (who was also at Maidan that night)

Ukrainian protesters

Alexey Arestovich:
“You know, for the professional military community, all this ‘self-defense,’ made up of children and managers who donned motorcycle helmets, that was, how should I put it… ridiculous.

No serious man, except maybe a few, would be staying in a tent at Maidan, with all these watches and walking in ranks. That’s unacceptable.

Not to mention that waving a stick while waving a helmet, that’s just not done.

Not to mention that serious people have serious business, and they can’t dump it just like that, because of, you know, responsibilities.

Anatolii Stepanov

So, all in all, that community was…

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Last Hours of Dictatorship in Ukraine

Ukrajinu ne zlamaty

Events in Ukraine have been unfolding at lightning speed. Last night, an agreement was signed between the president and the opposition. This agreement left the protesters unsatisfied, as it included nothing on the resignation of Yanukovych or the prosecution of those responsible for the violence against peaceful protesters during the demonstrations. The agreement addressed the surrender of all ammunition to the authorities. However, it was very unclear how Maidan would respond and whether the violent clashes would continue. Maidan issued Yanukovych an ultimatum and demanded his resignation by 10 a.m. on 22 February.

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