Maidan said he had to go. And he did. VIDEO w/English subs

On February 21, an Agreement on the settlement of the crisis was signed between the Opposition leaders and Yanukovych, providing for early elections in December, 2014. On the same day, Hromadske TV reporter Olexandr Nazarov interviewed Maidan activists during the conflict. He asked them if they approve the part of an agreement between opposition negotiators and Yanukovych that would keep Yanukovych in office till December 2014. Their firm response: Yanukovych has to go now.

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Captured Conversation Between the Snipers on the Roofs above Maidan in Kyiv Ukraine

Снимок2On February 18-19, snipers were operating on Kyiv’s Euromaidan, shooting at protesters. As of February 23, snipers had taken away the lives of 82 people.

The URL had first appeared in Euromaidan’s twitter in the evening of the day when mass shootings happened in the morning.

The audio has been edited (a little over 14 minutes, its author claims it was originally over 1,5 hours).

Callsigns are spoken: “Myron” (the immediate commander), “Gummi”,”Felix”, “Smena”, “Hassan”, “Dober”, “Center”, “Shtanga”, “Kolun”, “Judge” (a commander of a higher rank), “Seva” (a spotter on Klovskiy skyscraper).

Screenshot 2014-02-23 at 19

Information is as follows: pay attention to Hrushevskiy Street, be ready to work. If there is any action with a weapon, report and work. Berkut goes ahead, we will cover. Do you copy?

[Please note. The unit’s primary goal is to control Hrushevskiy street. The working procedure is to report the discovery of an armed person to the commander and then independent shooting. Berkut is mentioned in a way that makes it clear that the shooters are not part of it]

  • Seva plus
  • Felix plus
  • Myron ….

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