VIDEO VOICES OF THE REVOLUTION: BLOOM TWINS with a powerful Bob Marley “Get Up, Stand Up” jazz cover (VIDEO)

Voices of Ukraine

Feb. 7, 2014

Bloom Twins are Anna and Sonia Kuprienko.

In Video:
Words on 1st placard/sign (black on white): “I won’t give in without a fight.”

Voice over (male voice): “All for one and one for all. Brother for brother, and each for his own.”

Graffiti writing on wall at end: “These people are unconquerable.”



You can find their FB and website on your own….


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Jewish girl from Euromaidan: nationality plays no role here

VIDEO. There is a lot of gossip in the internet about the fact that “Right Sector” activists offend Jewish people. To find our what the Jews themselves have to say please watch the interview with this Jewish girl. This interview takes place at the tent where veterans of Afghan war made a hospital for injured activists.  Continue reading