How to deter a war

Thomas Theiner

Bulgarian MiG-29s – needed in Ukraine right now Photo by Чавдар Гърчев

By invading Crimea on phony pretexts and by denying repeatedly the realities of events, Vladimir Putin has shown himself to be a raving lunatic. So far, the West’s response has been pathetically weak, as its leaders seem unable to grasp the full extent of Putin’s actions and further plans. With more than 100,000 men on Ukraine’s Eastern border and reinforcements pouring into Crimea and the Russian occupied Transnistria region in Moldova, Putin is setting the stage for an invasion of Ukraine proper.

Tough economic sanctions or a well-organized and equipped Ukrainian Army could deter Putin from further aggression, but since Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom, the most important trading partners of Russia, are refusing to contemplate sanctions and as the Ukrainian Armed Forces are no match for the Russian Armed Forces in a conventional war, there is little that will deter Putin from invading other parts of Ukraine as soon as he finds a fitting pretext to present to the Russian people. Continue reading

PUTIN’S LIES EXPOSED: unknown soldiers have Russian weapons

Who are the ‘unknown soldiers’ in Crimea? Their weapons and social media profiles speak for themselves . What are the “unknown soldiers” in Crimea armed with – an expertise from The New Times with comments by French firearms expert Edmond Huet 

The silent soldiers that appeared on Crimea’s streets on February 22, nicknamed ‘polite people’ by journalists for their gallantry, bear no insignia and still have not been formally identified. Russian President Vladimir Putin, at a press conference on March 4, claimed: “It was their local self-defense forces. We did not participate in their preparation.” However, the weapons and military equipment at the disposal of these ‘forces’ often have a very clear national identity. At the request of New Times Photos of Crimea, military experts (who have preferred to remain anonymous) have analyzed photographs from Crimea; their analysis was later commented by independent French firearms expert Edmond Huet as per request of EuromaidanPR.


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February 20, 2014, 15:52, Zakharchenko: Law enforcement officers have firearms and will use them

Ukraine’s Acting Minister of Interior Vitaliy Zakharchenko made ​​another statement to the citizens of Ukraine. He continues insisting that activists are killing policemen, who, in his opinion, only protected law and order and use no firearms.

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