What the USA must do

By Thomas C. Theiner – https://twitter.com/noclador

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The United States has to lead again. The world has been a safer, more prosperous and more peaceful place when the US led the free countries of the world. Over the last few years the US has followed a disastrous policy of “leading from behind”. Disastrous insofar, as without US leadership the West and its allies meander around without a clear policy, thus not solving any pressing problems. US leadership up front is needed, not so much militarily, as ideologically and politically. As long as the United States does not formulate clear policy aims and a strategy to achieve these aims, even the most well intentioned ally only goes in circles waiting for the US to point it in the right direction. Continue reading

The head of the Russian Duma Committee for CIS: For the sake of the ‘Russian world’ we cannot retreat

Interview with Leonid Slutskiy, Head of the Russian Duma Committee for CIS Affairs by Ondras Fyoldas 


Georgian Colleague:  What is your position concerning the referendum? How soon will you discuss the decision of the Crimean people in Russian State Duma?

Russian Politician Let’s wait for the results of the referendum. We don’t know yet what the results will be … Let’s wait for the people of Crimea to freely express their will. If they vote for Russia, we’ll negotiate it as soon as possible in the Duma. As to the procedures, I am not ready to answer this question … I know for certain that it will not take much  time … [And] with this, we will restore the historical justice: Crimea was always part of Russia. Continue reading