Quo vadis Ukraine? Workshop in Berlin (31.5.-1.6.)




Budget for the Regime. Law enforcement expenses rose during all years of Yanukovych’s presidency.


Budget for the Regime. During all years of Yanukovych's presidency expenses on law enforcement rise

Yanukovych’s regime has directed budget money to strengthening the “law enforcers” and “courts” for many years. The first State Budget of 2011 that was adopted by President Yanukovych already contained significantly increased financing to the legal sector, particularly the courts and prosecutors.

Over four years of Yanukovych’s regime, “bonuses” to courts increased by 55%, the General Prosecutor’s office – by 40,9%, the Interior Ministry – by 32,6%. Meanwhile, financing of the other Ministries has also risen, but not nearly as much as these three ones. Traditionally, the government saved money on health care, education, and research.

Valentine cards for Berkut from the Artistic Sotnia



Girls from the Artistic Sotnia, the creative subdivision of #Euromaidan, will be handing out these Valentine’s day cards to Berkut fighters on Hrushevskiy st. They say “From the girl volunteers with love!!! Ukrainian House, buffet”

Inside there is a translation of a poem by R.Kipling “If”, that he addresses to his son, by the Ukrainain poet Vasyl Stus: Continue reading