The Microbe of Imperialism

Voices of Ukraine

Victor Erofeyev
28.10.2013, 00:00  Kommersant.Ru

Translated by Paweł Łapiński
Edited by Isis Wisdom

The microbe of imperialism

Photo-Maksim Kumerling

Writer Victor Erofeyev diagnoses Russian history

November 2nd, 1721 , Tsar Peter – on the petition of his senators of course – took the title of Father of the Fatherland and Emperor. Our author reflects about the complications of the disease called “imperialism” brought to Russian society:

There’s a man visiting me, a nice, bearded Russian, not a Soviet-fanatic, but rather a blogger of an artistic nature, who travels around the world, who has enlightened blue eyes, who looks good, and there, confidentially squinting above the wine and the pleasures of life, he speaks to me:
“– France – is just a province of Russia.”

STOP, my mind! I won’t argue with him. A province is a province. In front of me is just a normal Russian imperialist. He is neither…

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