What Ukraine should do

By Thomas C. Theiner – https://twitter.com/noclador

Fight! Ukraine must fight! God damnit!!

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Thomas Theiner is a writer and production manager. He has previously lived in Kyiv for 5 years and worked at a subsidiary of Ukraine’s biggest film company.


7 thoughts on “What Ukraine should do

  1. Either you fight in Donetsk or you fight in Kyiv. Likewise the west should realize they either fight in Ukraine or later in the Baltics. Postponing the fight only makes your opponent pick the battle field.

  2. Brave Ukrainian people, fight against Russian Facists, what are you waiting for? Either you fight or you will be slaves to the Russians forever. There is not second chance. If you lose that fight generations of Ukrainians will suffer later on.

  3. Ukrainians who have been quiet at home, hoping this will all go away; it is not going away. I am so sorry that “the West” isn’t helping you more, but I’m very much afraid that no one is coming to your rescue. Please band together and take back your streets before it is too late. There are so many of you who want unity and peace, many more than want Russian domination, but you will have to fight to achieve peace. Make the cost of Putin’s interference in your affairs so high that he never dares send troops into Ukraine again. You have survived so much, only a little further and you will begin to see the sunlit lands ahead. Don’t give up now that you are so close to your goal. For your children’s sake, don’t give up, but rise up!
    My heart is there with you.

    Slava Ukrainye!

  4. Fight is futile.. what chance do the Ukranian armed forces have against the army of Russia?.. none whatsoever. Russia would occupy all of Ukraine. Putin -to hell with him – is just waiting for an apology to invade.
    The Kiev government waited too long to act. They should have send in the army at the first day of occupations of government buildings. Now those buildings, as well as road blocks, are vastly populated by civilians. Liberation of that area is impossible without much blood is being spilled. More so since policemen and soldiers in that area don’t follow orders of Kiev anymore..
    The only hope the Ukranian nation has, is that the west finally acknowledges its obligation to punish Putin – to hell with him – with sanctions and bans and total isolation, in such a way that it will hurt him and the Russian people. So far the west, the EU in particular, has been more worried about the economic damage to its own fragile economy, than to aid the Ukranian people. The west already surrendered Crimea! It’s time for the west to act and stand up for international law, the sovereignity and pride of Ukraine and to show the beast of Moscow that not even the ‘tsar’ of Russia can just act as he wants, that he has to respect internationally recognised law and borders. That he will be treated as an outlaw, mocked at and never to be taken seriously anymore. Cut the gas supplies to Europe, block all Russian money on western bank acconts, including and especially the ones of rich Russians, stop investements in Russia, implement a ban on trade with the country of the devil’s servant, cancel all visa for any Russian citizen. Treat Russia like North Korea, like a parasite.

    And to be on the safe side, send troops to the Baltics. Just in case. And to show the Moscovian weasel that NATO will never ever tolerate any attack on its member states.

    And finally, the west should help Kiev financially and fast.

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