VITALY PORTNIKOV: The Little Writing Men

VITALY PORTNIKOV: The Little Writing Men

Voices of Ukraine

By Vitaly Portnikov.
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine.

If the lie triumphs–then you get such darkness, that it really does not matter who you are in that country–a journalist, a miner or a beekeeper. You are not a citizen.

449660_20140522132654In August 1991, my colleagues from a variety of publications that were closed by the Emergency Committee [by decree of then-President Boris Yeltsin] at the start of the coup, and then who resumed their activities after its failure, wrote a letter in defense of the publications that were closed, this time, by the new democratic government of Russia–first amongst which, of course, was the newspaper “Pravda.” They offered me [the opportunity] to sign the letter as well. I declined. I trained in “Pravda” during my student years and knew for sure that this is no newspaper. I respected my colleagues with whom fate had brought me together…

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