ATO operations on day of Presidential elections.

ATO operations on day of Presidential elections.

Voices of Ukraine

By Vladislav Seleznev, ATO spokesperson.
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine.


Ukrainian security forces involved in the ATO [anti-terrorist operation], provided the full range of measures aimed at stabilizing the situation in the zone of the anti-terrorist operation, on the day of the [Presidential] elections.

Tasked with special actions, Ukrainian security forces conducted an operation to neutralize the group of insurgents that sought to disrupt the elections in one of the districts in the northern part of Luhansk Oblast [region]. As a result of the actions by Ukrainian soldiers, 13 terrorists were detained and another two were killed.

From the terrorists were seized 12 automatic machine guns and a portable Kalashnikov assault rifle. According to previous data, the terrorists’ weapons have a “Crimean” story, that is they were seized during an assault on one of the Crimean [military] bases.

Simultaneously with this, the resistance movement towards the…

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