Nazi Ukraine? Time to STOP Drinking the Kremlin Kool-Aid…

Nazi Ukraine? Time to Stop Drinking the Kremlin Kool-Aid

Voices of Ukraine


By Peter Dickinson
March 1, 2014 Business Ukraine magazine

Ever since anti-government protests first broke out in Ukraine late last year, the Kremlin has adopted a policy of labeling all Ukrainian protesters as fascists. These fascism claims are now being used to justify the military invasion and occupation of Ukraine. What began as a fairly run-of-the-mill Kremlin slur has now taken on the gravest possible historical importance as a justification for war.
In parallel to the military invasion of Crimea, an information war is currently being fought to discourage the international community from going to the aid of Ukraine by portraying events in Kyiv as a fascist coup. The objective is turn Western public opinion against intervention and allow Putin free reign to punish Ukraine for the country’s latest escape attempt.

There are ample indications that the Kremlin is winning…

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