VOICES OF THE REVOLUTION: Hero Romko from Maidan

VOICES OF THE REVOLUTION: Hero Romko from Maidan

Voices of Ukraine

By Ruslan Danilyuk.
04.09.2014  3:54
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine.


Everyone remembers the photograph of a seemingly very young soldier of the Square which was at the center of the painful events of February 18th [2014]. Most international agencies published this file. And after the events I repeatedly mentioned this guy. Who is he? How has his fate unfolded? Is he still intact? I asked many in the Square, showing them his photo. Nobody could tell me anything about him. Yesterday, by chance, I was able to see him near the Verkhovna Rada!

  • Hey! You’re the same guy who fought on Instytutskiy Street?
  • Yes, it’s me. Why? – He asked me, wary.
  • Nothing, just very happy to see you. Really liked your shot on the Internet. What is your name?
  • Romko.
  • And where are you from?
  • From the Square.
  • Well, this I understood. But where from by birth?

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1 thought on “VOICES OF THE REVOLUTION: Hero Romko from Maidan

  1. Please be careful how you, with well meaning, report on heroes who are at risk for abuse of some kind. Human trafficking is on the rise and our little friend is a prime target for a “better life.”

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