VOICES OF THE REVOLUTION: “We are people too, it’s our job” – Interview with Berkut

Voices of Ukraine

“We are people too and we’re just doing our job.”
Interview with riot policemen injured during clashes in Kyiv.

Interviewed by Ilya Azar (Kyiv)
14:34, 28 January 2014
Translated by Vo Lya

Ukrainian special forces are ready to crush Euromaidan on the order of authorities, and this was feared to happen as early as Tuesday morning before the opening of the Verkhovna Rada [the Ukrainian Parliament] session. Berkut [special forces riot police] policemen don’t think protesters are people, but just a paid mob, loafers and hobos, says an injured special forces policeman during our interview at one of the hospitals in Kyiv. Unlike special forces policemen, soldiers of the internal troops, placed as a barrier between Berkut and the opposition, are beginning to stir up. They are being continually persuaded to join people and though they still keep at a neutral distance, at least another draft soldier whom Lenta.ru…

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