President Yankelovych. The historical outrage that had been leading Ukraine


Ukrainians and the whole world have now observed the second reappearance of the “Mezhyhirsky butcher” following his escape.

This historical “glitch” ruled the largest state in Europe for more than four years. Even one month ago, people were afraid to say his name aloud, he was persecuting the opposition, giving orders to spy on journalists from “Ukrainska Pravda”, and there were queues of oligarchs in his reception office waiting to express their respect.

Today Yanukovych, a tragicomic character from the past who killed more than one hundred Ukrainians, is a trivial coward who ran away together with his girlfriend, a dog, a cortege of trucks and two helicopters just because he sensed danger following sotnyk Volodya’s speech and a renunciation from the police.

The myth of the omnipotent Yanukovych collapsed within a few hours. Even Gaddafi, who kept fighting back till the end and died with a gun in his hands, looks like a hero compared to Yanukovych.

The fact that Yanukovych did not sign an Association Agreement with the EU gives a certain historical justice.

Had he come back from Vilnius with a signed agreement, he would have gone into the history books as a positive, though “contradictory” figure – instead of being permanently cut out and cursed for generations to come.

If Yanukovych had signed the agreement, he would have had good chances of being re-elected for a second term for another five years, and would have continued to plunder this land – and the return of all that was stolen would have never been mentioned.

If Yanukovych had signed the Association, we would have never learned about the incredible riches of yesterday’s “criminal”, or the corruption of his accomplices.

Today I am going to publish a video presentation with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden before the US Global Leadership Coalition. This speech dates back to mid-December 2013, when America was trying to bring Yanukovych to his senses.

In that video, an oddity occurred because of Biden’s inattention. But this only confirms, once again, that the name Yanukovych should be permanently removed from our history. Biden called him “Yankelovych.”

“I know the president of Ukraine very well. The time I have spent with him on the phone over the last two months can be measured in several hours. During my conversations with President Yankelovych, just in the last few weeks, I have been very clear that he has a choice – he can choose the path that leads to division and isolation, or to lead Ukraine back to a European future … “.

Yankelovych. He did not even deserve to have his name pronounced properly. And Biden did not even care to memorize it. So he will remain in history as an insignificant man that led his country downhill because of a desire to eternally rob his own people.

Translated by Borys Vasylyshyn, edited by Matt Mozingo


2 thoughts on “President Yankelovych. The historical outrage that had been leading Ukraine

  1. I think it’s well known he want to reinforce Ukrainian relations with Russia, but he seems out of his mind, if he think he will manage this by deploying Russian soldiers, who will lend their mines down all along supposed borderline. I believe this is not how an acting President of any country should act, a terrorist maybe.

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