Russian activists who do not want to fight the Ukrainian people appeal to Right Sector

Russian ActivistsThey have created an Internet community which will block the websites and servers of Russian government agencies until the Kremlin calls back its last soldier occupier from Ukraine.

Their activities will include:

1. Blocking the websites and servers of Russian government services.

2. Providing truthful and unbiased facts to ordinary citizens about the events in Crimea and other regions of Ukraine.

To join, download and launch a special program on your computer.

Right Sector supports such initiatives by conscious Russian citizens, and encourages the people of Ukraine to join the practical activities aimed at stopping the aggression by the Kremlin and awakening the consciousness of completely misinformed average Russian citizens.

The internet community was created to achieve these aims. Anyone can become a volunteer, and it is easy to join. To do so, just download and launch a small program. This is how you can contribute.

This is a unique project which will bring together thousands of IT professionals and hundreds of thousands of regular users from around the world, who, whether at home or on their computers at work, can actively participate in stopping the Kremlin’s aggression in Ukraine.

The initiative has a Facebook group and a website aimed at coordinating the work of the community. You can download the program there.


When restarting the computer, the program DOES NOT LAUNCH AUTOMATICALLY, so it must be run manually.

The application does not affect your computer’s performance, does not take up memory or computer capacity, does not change any files, does not provide us with access to your files, and uses your internet connection only when it is free. Basically, the user does not ‘feel’ the program.

WARNING! Since the program periodically contacts the command center, some anti-virus software may mistakenly assume it’s a virus.

We tested it, and it does not contain any viruses whatsoever.

The program does not destroy anything, does not steal money from accounts, and does not create any technogenic disasters. The program only blocks the activity of a number of state enterprises of the Russian Federation until Russian troops stop their illegal aggression in Crimea and leave the territory of Ukraine.

Right Sector stresses again that the activities of the organization are not directed against the citizens of Russia or the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine. We are only helping conscious Russian citizens stop the pointless government of the Kremlin, which in violation of international rules and security guarantees provided to Ukraine by Russia, and contrary to common sense, is artificially trying to put brotherly Ukrainian, Russian, and Tatar people at odds with each other, destroy the Ukrainian state, and create new ‘hot spots’ in tranquil, tolerant, and prosperous Ukraine.

Translated by Katherina Smirnova, edited by Robin Rohrback



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