Rabbi of Donetsk says antisemitic leaflet is a provocation

Fragment of the leaflet distributed in Donetsk

Many people were shocked about the news that armed and masked men in Donetsk handed out leaflets wherein they ordered all Jews in the eastern Ukraine city of Donetsk to register with the pro-Russian separatists or face deportation, that was pasted near the local synagogue in Donetsk. Given that we do not live in Russia, where truth is obviously not the main concern, we wanted to find out what has happened. Now we contacted the office of Rabbi Pinchas Vishedski of Donetsk to ask him whether he could give us additional information on this event. Kindly his office gave us the following statement:

“Yes, we received it late evening on 15th of April. You can find the copy in attachment.

But this letter was a provocation and the man whose signature you can see on the letter, Denis Pushilin, totally disproved these words yesterday… He stated on TV that it wasn’t a letter from Donetsk Republic and they do not have any problems with Jews. Our local governance and Security Service of Ukraine will take care of this situation and will do everything to find the people who distributed these letters… and we trust them. It is safe here for all Jews.”

So, obviously those leaflets were not official statements. There is no immediate danger for the Jewish community in Donetsk.

It is possible that some of the ‘tourists’ thought it was funny. We can only speculate. Let’s be relieved that our brothers and sisters face no danger of losing their belongings to any invaders. We wish them a peaceful Passover.

On April 16, Novosti Donbassa reported on a notice bearing the stamps of the self-proclaimed ordering all Jews in the eastern Ukraine city of Donetsk to register with the pro-Russian separatists or face deportation has been pasted near the local synagogue. The leaflet bore the stamps of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk and was signed by its self-styled people’s governor Denis Pushilin. It orders all Jews over the age of 16 to register at the government building, which has been occupied by pro-Russian insurgents in defiance of Kyiv rule. Jews would also have to pay a registration fee of $50 before May 3 and list all real estate and vehicles owned, Israel news reports.

Natascha Romer, edited by Alya Shandra


8 thoughts on “Rabbi of Donetsk says antisemitic leaflet is a provocation

  1. I would be careful about saying there’s no danger for Jews in Donetsk. Whether or not this was a provocation or if it’s real, there are people in Donetsk right now (invaders), who believe that this is a good tactic to incite anger and fear. That puts them at risk.

      • Oh, please!! There are certainly certain sections of France I wouldn’t dare set foot in as a Jew for my safety — but not because of Muslims. It’s because of the neo-Nazi’s in office who are attacking Muslims and Jews alike. I can AND WILL take on some punk flashing a quenelle at me bare-handed. But a government official trying to oppress me is another story. I’m a fighter, but I’m not a fool. Russia — I’m not safe there. Period. Nor am I safe in Greece or a slew of other places I could rattle off the names of. And it’s not “militant Islam” that is the concern. It’s neo-Nazis and fascists who want to use hatred against minorities as a divide-and-conquer tool that we need to be concerned about. READ A HISTORY BOOK.

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