Crimean Tatar Battalion To Join National Guard

Soon a new battalion called “Crimea”, consisting of Crimean Tatars, will join the National Guard.

Crimean Tatar people are ready to play a role in freeing Ukraine from the terrorists that receive orders from Russia, activist Oleksiy Arestovych announced via his Facebook page. “The Crimean Tatar People battalion “Crimea” will soon join other Ukrainian volunteer battalions,” he states.

At the same time Arestovych quotes one of the leaders of the forming organization. “First, we will free the East of Ukraine together with Ukrainians, and after that we will take back Crimea,” says one of the Crimean Tatars.

Also, Oleksiy Arestovych tells about the arising spirit of patriotism among the Crimean Tatar People, and asserts that “for 23 years Crimean Tatars held a pro-Ukrainian political stance. They are a great nation. Judging by the movie “Haytarma” [a recently released film depicting the deportation of the Crimean Tatars], the culture of these people is entering its prime.”

Finally, Oleksiy said that, according to his forecast, “technical and cultural progress of the future Ukraine is directly connected to the nationwide rebirth of the Crimean Tatar culture. Their readiness to join the fight for Ukraine’s independence is the best proof of that.”

Translated by Olena Khomenok, edited by Alya Shandra


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3 thoughts on “Crimean Tatar Battalion To Join National Guard

  1. Just one more indication that Putin has now made the gravest mistake of his political career: he has now turned the entire world against him, Red China and North Korea notwithstanding…his oil and gas extortion and blackmailing of the EU cannot save him from the real disaster that his Dark Ages “Might Makes Right” philosophy has earned him….The Tartars will never be stopped: this is their moment of Vengeance……

  2. Complete nonsensical and dangerous disinfo… a mirror of Russian disinfo about an Israeli battalion. There would be no separate “Crimean” battalion… and it’s dangerous to spread this nonsense like this.

    Ukranians have never cared a bit about Crimean Tartars until they could be used against Russians… and I hate to break it to Crimean Tartars, the Turkish elite actually are glad Russia grabbed Crimea. While Ukraine may not be big on the Eurasian Union, Turkey wants the Eurasian Union option to be available if the EU keeps on rejecting them.

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