Thirteen aircraft with Russian troopers landed in Crimea: Kunitsyn

Another piece of the Russian military has arrived in Crimea. There are 150 people aboard each plane. This was reported by Serhiy Kunitsyn on the air with Crimean Tatar Channel ATR.

“Thirteen planes with troopers are landing in Hvardiyske, each of them has 150 people, count them,” said the Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in Crimea.

Kunitsyn thinks there’s an armed intervention of Russia in the peninsula; the military took control of the entire “external perimeter.”

“They’re presenting it like the people are angry, that they’re likely to attack, and we’re protecting against that so they don’t attack you or capture any weapons. We’re not in kindergarten! We understand that there was no threat until now and no one was attacking,” said Kunitsyn. In his opinion, the participants of the “intervention” are waiting for the Ukrainian military to open fire. Kunitsyn has called for a stop to this “sabre-rattling” so it won’t turn into tragedy.

As earlier reported, eight Russian military helicopters arrived in Sevastopol on the morning of 28 February. 


Translated by Mariya Shtangrat, edited by Robin Rohrback

5 thoughts on “Thirteen aircraft with Russian troopers landed in Crimea: Kunitsyn

  1. What next? I ask. Why do hurdles keep popping up in the way of my fiancee`, Nina who is not that far from Crimea, and I getting together via our saga which began in 2010, “Cafe` Skype”. What does Putin have to gain by sparking WWIII? I will be asking Nina for reports that I might share on my “Achilliad” blog. Great blogging, sir..very needed. major Props.

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  3. Putin is doing his very best Hitler impression. He hasn’t been this aggressive since he invaded Georgia in 2008

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