Experts examined video of the ‘shooting’ by the maniac Bezler, a.k.a. Demon: Information Resistance Group


The Information Resistance group has asked experts to analyze the video released by the terrorists yesterday [June 5] showing a shooting accompanied by an ultimatum to Ukrainian authorities from the sadist Bezler, a.k.a. Demon.

The experts found the following: “The gravity vector of the falling bodies does not coincide with the direction of the shot. Judging by the sound of clanging breechblocks, someone cocked two AK-74s. Judging by the shooting sound, they were shooting blanks (for this reason these were single-shots). The officers are in plain clothes. One wears a snow-white shirt, which is hardly possible after being held captive for a few days (the shirts would have been, putting it mildly, not very clean, and after the shots, as they were falling, a white shirt would have shown blood). They did not show the faces.”

“Both men fall quite neatly, rolling and slightly lifting the legs, though they should have leaned in the direction of the bullets’ trajectory. One can see that the person in the white shirt raises his head while falling and then carefully places it on the floor so as not to hurt himself. The shooting takes place in a small room. In fact, shooting indoors can result in a ricochet. It does not happen in this case. Persons present during the scene are not afraid of being injured by a ricocheting bullet,” the experts concluded.

The video’s storyboard yields no results, since it is not splicing but rather a staged filming of the shooting.


Translated by Tanya Kononenko, edited by Robin Rohrback

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